About Me

My name is Jennifer Traynor and I am a Virtual Assistant, as well as a Yoga Teacher.
For years, I have struggled with my mental health. Part of my journey to healing was exploring different ways to cope. Two areas that helped me tremendously were yoga and mindful meditation. As I got into practicing both regularly, I discovered how much it helps bring peace, calmness, and clarity to my life. Yoga and mindfulness became my process for healing. In a couple of years, I went from a woman who felt helpless and couldn’t see through the fog, to a woman who feels hopeful and positive about where her life is heading.
This is why I became a certified yoga teacher and started Mindful Yoga Moments. I want to share with others not only the benefits that mindful meditation and yoga can bring to your life, but also how easy it can be to practice them daily. I am grateful to be able to guide and support others on their yoga journey, whether it’s for regular private sessions or for an event or retreat.
However, the Covid-19 pandemic helped me realize that my desire to serve others runs deeper than my yoga teaching. My experience with learning about entrepreneurship since starting Mindful Yoga Moments in 2019 provided the inspiration to want to help other entrepreneurs thrive. And so, I started working as a virtual assistant, offering services to support small businesses reach their goals.
As a Virtual Assistant, I come with a variety of experience spanning nearly 20 years. I have worked in journalism, communications, social media, blogging, copywriting, proofreading, and editing. Right after beginning my life as a VA, I also entered the world of book publishing when I was approached to be a co-author and editor of a non-fiction book to be released in late 2021/early 2022. All of this experience combined I bring forth in my work as a VA.
My journey has taught me that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. I happened to discover what mine was later in life, but I didn’t let that stop me from taking a leap of faith. Helping others makes me happy, and now I’m lucky enough to be doing so both on my yoga mat and off.